7 Outdoor Activities for Families this Summer

Author: villaget   Date Posted:19 December 2014 

1. The Beach

A place of wonder and fascination for a children of all ages!
  • Explore the rock pools - Discover the curious looking sea life living in the nooks and crannies woven into the sea carved rock work. Spend time with your child as sea combing explorers, hunched over and taken away into the beautiful world of the seashell. Hours can be whittled away examining these intricate and colourful shapes - abandoned homes, once home to a sea creature.
  • Collect shells - Spend time with your child as sea combing explorers, hunched over and taken away into the beautiful world of the seashell. Hours can be whittled away examining these intricate and colourful shapes- abandoned homes, once home to a sea creature.
  • Create masterpieces in the sand - wether it be a sand castle, village or cities in the wet sand, decorated with sticks, rocks and shells the possibilities are endless! </span>
[caption id="attachment_571" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Create a masterpiece at the beach Create a masterpiece at the beach![/caption] Children also love getting buried in the sand, dig a rectangular hole with your hands big enough for your child’s legs, then cover their legs with sand and sculpt a mermaid’s tail in it. Get your children started then simply sit back or lay on the beach while your children run circles around you and the family enjoys the freedom of the outdoors together.

2. Bush walks, Nature Trails and Rainforests

Enjoy a simple stroll through the local park, rainforest or bush walk in a national park or take in the views from a coastal headland. This activity is a great way to exercise, enjoy some fresh air, relax and move with your children in tow. No matter where the location a bush walk or nature walk gives your child the opportunity to observe wildlife and plant life within a natural setting. Children see things we miss and ask those questions often over looked by adults. Our children are enriched with the sights, sounds and smells of the outdoors and will open up a whole new world of wonder and learning for the entire family to enjoy. [caption id="attachment_577" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Minamurra Rainforest, NSW makes a lovely walk Minamurra Rainforest, NSW makes a lovely family walk[/caption]

3. Bike Riding

Bike riding with the your children is not only great exercise but is loads of fun and is a wonderful way for the entire family to exercise together and enjoy the outdoors. Teaching your child to ride a bike without training wheels does take time, patience and practice. However, you and your child will feel immense satisfaction once this goal has been achieved and it will also be a massive confidence boost to your child.

4. Fly a Kite

If the day is not quite warm enough for a trip to the pool or beach, but breezey and perfect for kite flying, then venture out to your local park, headland or oval and get your kite in the air! Children will marvel at how a kite can be picked up in the wind and how high one can go!

5. Work on Ball Skills

Grab a ball and start to kick! Kicking and catching help to develop skills in hand eye co-ordination, sequencing, timing, motor skills and attention. From a small tennis ball to a larger soccer or basketball, playing with balls is always enjoyed. Even if you only have a small yard you can always find space in your local park.

6. Walk the Family Pooch

Taking the dog for a walk with you is an opportunity for the whole family to be outdoors together, and an easy way to teach responsible dog ownership from an early age.

7. The Mystery Road Trip

Surprise your kids by heading out on a Sunday morning to within an hour or so of your home base. Tell them little and make them ponder. Venture to a nature reserve, botanic gardens, markets, a relatives place, a circus, a theme park, to lunch or a small country town where you can visit some local shops, parks and explore outside. They will love it once they reach their mystery destination it will be a great family day out!