Bloon Balls

Author: villaget   Date Posted:7 August 2014 

What is a bloon ball?

When we first took stock of these I must admit I was a bit cautious, however, the bloon ball all has certainly proved to be nothing but pure fun for kids and me! Unlike fabric balloon balls a 'bloon ball' is a rubber ball with a fabric outer cover. It is light, super bouncy and lots of fun. The fabric is colourful and bright and comes in many designs. We have found it to be highly appealing with its shiny, metallic look and it provides quite a sensory experience for little people.

Bloon balls come in several sizes and designs

The size you select will depend on the age of your child. The smaller bloon balls are most suitable for babies and toddlers, whilst the larger bloon balls are more suited to older children.

  • Small - 15 and 30cm
  • Medium - 40 and 55cm
  • Large - 80 and 100cm

The large Bloon Balls have an internal, replaceable bladder should something happen to cause a hole in yours such as a sharp object or teeth from your dog!

Blowing up your bloon ball

Unlike a balloon, if you try to blow a bloon ball up with your mouth you will struggle! You will need a standard sports needle valve attachment (the same type that is used to pump up soccer and footballs). These can attach to a standard bicycle pump. For the largest bloon balls an automatic pump eg. from an air compressor or car operated one will be quickest and easiest. Be careful not to over inflate the ball. It should be firm with a bit of 'give' and not hard and should fill the outer fabric outer so it's not loose or saggy but not too tight.

What can I do with a bloon ball?

The bloon ball can be used inside or outside. We found the bloon ball will give toddlers, kids and adults as much fun as you want it to. Throw it, kick it, bounce it, hit it, roll it, toss it, or hug it! The bloon ball is a fantastic aid for helping to develop gross motor skills. We use our large 80cm bloon ball on the trampoline regularly to create a bit more fun and laughs with my 6 year old. It's also great exercise for adults! Like anything, accidents can happen so do take care, be sensible and ensure adult supervision to enjoy it at its best!

Bloon ball care

Like all toys that are left outside, exposure to the elements can also cause your bBloon Ball to deteriorate in time. Exposure to lots of hot sun and fluctuating temperatures combined with moisture are not good friends of your bloon ball. While a bloon ball is surface washable and can go into a pool just remember to store it dry. You can certainly prolong the life of your bloon ball if you store it in a cool, dark place where it doesn't get too hot or somewhere safe inside your house is ideal. Over weeks you may start to see your bloon ball deflate a little (this is completely normal) just top it up and its ready to go again. If it won't be used for an extended period of time then it is recommended to deflate it. Dogs are likely to love your bloon ball as much as your children will, so make sure you don't give them the opportunity and pleasure to sink their teeth into one!