Butternut Choc Caramels

Author: villaget   Date Posted:21 December 2014 


  • 1 Packet of Butternut biscuits (makes 21) </span>
  • 3/4 packet of chocolate melts
  • 1 tin of caramel topper
  • Shallow quiche / tart tray


1. Place biscuits on the tray and soften by warming in the oven at 180 degrees for around 4 minutes. Biscuits on tray Biscuits on tray

Biscuits in oven Heating in oven

2. Once removed from the oven, use a teaspoon to gently press down in the middle to form a well. Once cooled they will harden again and maintain their shape.

Make a well Create a well

3. Gently heat your caramel topper on the stove, stirring continuously to remove lumps. Do not boil.  

Melt caramel Melt caramel

4. Using a teaspoon, place a decent sized dollop of the caramel on each biscuit.Dollop of caramel Biscuits with caramel

 5. Place in fridge and allow to cool. 6. Melt chocolate over a hot water bath. Take care! Do not allow any water in otherwise your chocolate will refuse to melt further and will turn into a thick paste - disaster!

Melt chocolate over a hot water bath Melting chocolate

Chocolate disaster A Chocolate disaster!

7. Once melted spoon as much chocolate as your like over the caramel layer.  All done! Finished butternut choc caramels

 8. Refrigerate or freeze half for your next party on another day.