Djeco's Petals & Pistels Craft Kit

Author: villaget   Date Posted:30 December 2013 

djeco flower djeco flowers 2Djeco - Petals and Pistels Make some beautiful, stunning flowers with Djeco's Petals and Pistels Craft Kit. Available in two colours to create pink or purple flowers. There are 18 pre-designed thick papers in each kit, enabling you to make a total of 6 flowers with 3 petal layers in each. The  kits come in a lovely hexagonal box and are a wonderful, well received small gift for a little girl and they are priced under $10. Age Suitability: </strong> The product suggests children aged 6-12 years, however from customer Julie's experience we would recommend it more so for children aged 7-8 years+ due to some of the skills required. Skills required:  Patience, manual dexterity and care especially when removing each of the pre-cut flower shapes (adults can help with this). Care and patience is also required with some of the folding. Time required:  Each flower only requires 5-10 mins to make. Suggestions for use: Once made you now have a very attractive wall decal - just perfect for a little girl's room. Suggestions are to stick them onto bedroom furniture such as a bookcase, wardrobe, bed head, dolls house or walls with either double sided tape or blu-tack. Photo credits and review: Thank you to Julie M from North Avoca!