Gift Wrapping Tips

Author: villaget   Date Posted:20 December 2014 

Gift Wrap Essentials

1. Quality gift wrapping paper.
  • Thin papers will tear easily and and will be frustrating to use when wrapping odd shaped items
  • Sticky tape or for a matt look use scotch tape. Tape will always work best for you when its on a dispenser roll.
  • Sharp scissors
  • Matching ribbon (optional)
  • Matching gift cards (optional)
  • Belly bands (optional)
  • Gift seals (optional)
  • Smooth, clean hard surface such as a kitchen bench¬†</span>
1. Start with a clean, tidy hard surface that will give you plenty of room with your gift wrapping roll. 2. Cut your paper to size, and minimise overlap of paper 3. For plain papers, its easy to get a straight edge by folding and then cutting along the folded seam 4. Place your item face down 5. Excess paper causes the paper to bunch so ensure you have enough but not too much 6. For the sides of your present aim to have the paper go half way up the width of the present 7.  Fold paper over and place sticky tape or gift seal int he middle 8. Fold edges in creating a straight sharp edge with your finger nails 9. fold up and sticky 10. Repeat other side 11. Select a bell band (optional) and matching ribbon to setoff your look. 12. Wrap ribbon around the bottom of the present overlapping at the bottom and then coming up the sides. 13. Crerate a bow and your almost done. 14. Add a co-ordinating card or tag for the ultimate look!