Micador Silky Twistaz

Author: villaget   Date Posted:10 August 2014 

Wow! I wish we had these when I was a kid! When I first picked up a Micador Silky Twistaz I couldn't believe how nice they were to draw with. They have a really smooth texture and the word "Silky" describes them perfectly. They produce the most vibrant of fluro colours. As described by Micador - the Silky Twistaz is not a pastel, not a watercolour  and not a crayon, they are like a gel crayon or a combination of all 3. They are something quite unique and when my Mr 3 picked one up he just loved them too. They are quite thick, making them easy to hold which is great for toddlers and pre-schoolers.


  • Designed by the masters of art and craft products the Australian owned company - Micador
  • 100% Non-toxic
  • Water soluble and therefore washable from most clothes and surfaces
  • They twist up from the end (there is around 4.5cm of stick) so they will last quite a while
  • Silky Twistaz come in a pack of 5 fluro colours - blue, green, yellow, orange and pink


If you are tired of your fluro texta markers being used for colouring in, lids left off and worn out by your children or you are after a crayon with a difference that produces great fluro colours then this pack of 5 will definitely not dissapoint. A BIG 'YES' from us. Micador Silky TwistazMicador twistaz packaging