Our Top 10 Stocking Fillers for Christmas 2013!

Author: villaget   Date Posted:27 November 2013 

We often leave the stocking filler task to the last minute and then where do you start? Here are our top 10 picks for stocking fillers this Christmas. All items featured in this category are lower priced, smaller items under $10! Order quickly as stock is moving fast and we don't want you to be disappointed!

1. Magnifying Glass

Kids love exploring the outside world! With summer already here and bugs a plenty teach them how to get a close up view of life's everyday objects! Magnifying Glass

2. Maraca Rattle

The maraca rattle is one of our best sellers. Available in pink and blue the rattle is small (measuring 14cm) for little hands to make a great sound. Maraca Rattle

3. Play Dough Scissors

There is something addictive about snipping play dough! With a zig zag shape to the plastic blade I think its a bit like making your own pasta! Just roll your dough into a snake and snip the dough into various sizes. dough scissors

4. Magico Kaleidoscope

Now little people can see what the world looks like for a fly! Magico Kaleidoscope

5. Sevi Miniatures

These cute little wooden vehicles are always a hit with toddlers! Suitable for standard wooden train tracks.Sevi miniatures

6. Egg Chalk

At last a chalk that is indestructible and designed specifically for toddlers. It cannot be snapped in two! Easy to grip and use - this chalk will last some time! Micador Egg Chalk

7. Mayan Pyramid Sand Mould

Show off your sand castle skills by creating a replica pyramid!  Made from sturdy plastic. Other designs also available.Mayan Pyramid

8. Schleich </strong>Figurines

Schleich are known throughout the world for producing the most realistic figurines. From farm animals to wild animals  Schleich continue to be everyones favourite with their hand painted detailed features.Schleich Figurine

9. Dantoy Small Spade

Light weight and robust this little spade is made by expert manufacturer Dantoy from Denmark and will not disappoint!10Dantoy small spade

10.Kingdom Bell Stick </strong>

Jingle bells here we are! The kingdom bell stick happens to be a year round favourite and so very appropriate for a stocking filler! Kingdom Bell Stick