Something Special about Fagus

Author: villaget   Date Posted:15 September 2014 

Fagus logo

Fagus has landed!

Our first shipment of Fagus arrived today and all I could think was "WOW!"  some seriously impressive toys from Germany! The gorgeous beech wood timber is incredibly smooth to touch and each model is beautifully crafted. Fagus would now have to rank as one of our favourite brands. Not only for the quality but also because of who makes them. (see Social commitments and responsibilities).

Fagus = Latin for "beech"

Fagus is a German toy company that has for over 30 years been producing high quality toys which have been tested in theory and in practice over many years for their high educational and play value.


Fagus enjoys a well respected reputation in Germany and internationally for producing high quality, durable and beautiful toys that are built to last generations. Beech wood is the timber used in all of the Fagus toys. It is sourced from sustainable European plantation timber forests No nails, screws, staples or clips are used and toys are manually assembled with traditional teeth, dowel, interlocked and glued. Toys are finished with a colourless, water soluble, non-toxic environmentally friendly lacquer. The finish on all Fagus toys is ultra smooth and superior other brands.

Social commitments and responsibilities

Fagus was started in 1969 at the Büngern-Technik - a workshop for the handicapped and run by the Caritas Association. It wasn't until 1981 that the manufacture of toys began. Today, Fagus has 130 employees over 5 locations, many of which are adults with special needs. The employees undertake work according to their personal skills and abilities at specially adapted workstations. Fagus jeepfagus tractorFagus-modern-truck

Spiel Gut

Fagus has earned the 'Spiel Gut' or 'Good Toy' stamp for many of its models. In Germany the “spiel gut” recommendation highlights that this toy has been tested together with children and examined by experts – with positive results. </span>The criteria includes play value, materials, craftsmanship, eco-credentials, design, packaging, quality of game instructions and suitability for the appropriate age group.


Fagus has a well deserved reputation for producing some the finest quality toys in the world. If you are wondering about price - it is true these are not cheapies, however they are built to last, are heirloom quality and can be regarded as very special and unique. If you were to compare them to what you might pay for a large hunk of plastic that you will be lucky to get 12 months out of -  they are actually great value for money, have proven to provide excellent play value and will not disappoint.